Video Marketing

It is a known fact that videos play a vital role in grabbing one’s attention towards it and it is the most powerful tool in social media. The recent figures like Instagram stories have been hit 150 million daily users. So if you are a social media marketer, adding a video to your campaign helps to capture one’s attention and easily reach your targeted audience. It is predicted that about 74% of internet traffic is generated through this video promotion.

Your video needs to be unique yet engaging for your audiences. Have a clear idea before making a video, a clear focus can make you reach your target. Make short videos which are more informative yet creates anticipation for the viewer for a longer time and make your audience search for your products or services. Here are the best tips why you need to include videos in your social media strategy.

Setting Your Video Goals:

Want to generate more leads and drive more traffic via social media? Then set a primary goal before creating your video. Start focusing on your upcoming campaign and launches to get specific content to your video.

Grab your Audience Attention:

The user scrolls their video with the speed in order to stop them and grab their attention you need to do something unique from others. Questions or some banners can really help to reach your customers quickly in your videos. Add the banners like ” Don’t miss out this opportunity” or some interesting content that makes your audience stop scrolling and watch your video.


Know your Audience Interest:

Recognizing your potential customers and as well as the social media platforms they are using would be a key to your success. This can be analyzed by using the advanced tools such as Google Analytics to know which social media platform drives more traffic to your site. This helps to reach your customers easily at the right time. Search more to determine the factors like length, format and other video making tips.

When a user clicks on the video make sure your potential customer stay longer on your video. At present in the social media, there are huge competitors who could distract your audience. So before creating a video understand your audience goal, why they need to watch your video and don’t force your service or product on your users again and again.


Recent Social Media Changes:

Videos are only the media, which is quickly growing and becoming more crucial that needs to be included in your social media strategy. Below are the latest social media trends that need to be included in your marketing strategy.

  • Over 200 million people use Instagram in a month to share their stories, so if this continues by the end of 2018 nearly half of all Instagram users will be using these stories. So the brands can easily connect with the users with these Instagram stories.
  • YouTube has launched a new custom URL which works independently from Google+
  • Snap groups through which you can communicate up to 16 people at a time, which automatically deletes after 24 hours.

Whatever the route you choose ensure your video reaches your users effectively.


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