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Our company have a keen and precise markets strategy vision, using the most advanced marketing technology, narrow the
distance between products, and customers, so that your product is presented directly in front of the customer's screen.

    Digital marketing uses advanced strategies to connect to target audiences through different social media platforms. We emphasize growth oriented, audience-driven and innovative advertising techniques through various digital channels. After analyzing the statistics of present and past marketing performance of the brand, we unveil our online strategies for client’s business. We clearly study the need of our clients and their position in the market. This allows us to plan and configure solutions that ensure expansion of business with a positive branding in all cost-effective platforms.


Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO, is one of the most powerful digital marketing strategies an organization can invest in. SEO is an important and complex work based on the search engine marketing activities. Through SEO, you can help to better present your website's high-quality content to search engines, improve search engine rankings, and increase your website traffic. Eventually improving your website's marketing and promotional capabilities and gaining more effective brand benefits.


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Search Engine Marketing also called SEM is a network marketing model which aims to promote the site, increase the visibility as well as the results returned by search engines. It also provides access to better sales or marketing channels. The main difference from other online marketing methods is that this approach is where users create marketing opportunities. Take keyword ads as an example, appearing next to keyword search results only when the user enters a keyword and finishes the search. Although the advertising content has been set, not decided by the user, it still gives the impression that users have created their own marketing opportunities.


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SMO is social media marketing, which is a trust-based communication mechanism. The user’s active participation can affect consumer spending decision and also provides the brand a large number of opportunities to be spread and enlarged. Social media users with high-visibility and stability can provide brands with more subdivided target groups. The market for social media marketing is still growing. It is no longer a place where friends can interact, but has become a brand new business competition model. We will address your needs and provide you with various social media marketing.


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site development


Pay-per-click also known as PPC is a paid advertising service we provide through a variety of links and messages. Pay-Per-Click is a search auction where you can create ads and then bid on different phrases for those ads. Search engines charge a fee each time a user clicks your ad.


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Professional and efficient service team

Our team covers a variety of top talents in internet marketing, providing a full range of services for your company and product.


Jing You

Market analysis, product analysis, operation and promotion.

Major: International Business and Hospitality Management.



Yan Gao

High-tech, PLLC.

Law firms in New York and China.



Daoxiang Chen

Cost Control Data Analyst in Asurion Customer Service,and visual data analyst in Media General television company.


Ping Liu

Developing websites.
Major: Computer Science

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