Why use Video Ads on the Official Website?

Enrich your brand content and attract more consumers. In addition, videos help to send a signal to search engines that your site is relevant to what the search engine is seeking to improve your site's position on the list of search engines.

Tips For Making:

Keyword tags

The keywords help search engines identify the type of your video and ensures that consumers find your product video in a multitude of videos.

Optimize video loading time

The page load time affects the user experience. Using embedded video thumbnails means that the video is only loaded when the play button is clicked.

Video site map

Video Sitemap is an extension of the general sitemap of website resources. Metadata that can be customized includes duration, ratings, views, age appropriateness, whether the video can be embedded, and other useful information.

Video Category:

Product tutorials
Product information display
Product after-sales cleaning and maintenance tutorials
Consumer display products
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