PPC, or Pay Per Click, is a search auction where you create ads and then bid on different phrases for those ads. The search engine is then paid every time a user clicks on your ad.

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We will summarize the results of the top PPC audit tools into a concise PPC site audit report.

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We sort your items by high, medium and low order of importance so that you know which item is the most important.

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Our final audit report includes PDF documents, statistical reports and online conference presentations.

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We will complete PPC reviews and AdWords assessments in 1-2 weeks.

advertising  research  Advertising research

     Study your competitors' best keywords, ad strategies and previews


keyword research  Keyword research

     Find the right keywords, get long tail keywords, collect short

     Language match.

Quality Score  Quality Score

     How Quality Score affects rankings and costs.

ctr  CTR (CTR)

     Analyze the factors that influence clickthrough rate results to increase clicks


text optimization  Ad text optimization

     How does ad text affect impressions, clicks, clicks?

     Rate and ad position.

Landing page  Landing page optimization

     After the user clicks on the ad, the user experience is analyzed immediately.

twitter  Invalid expenditure

     Found invalid keywords.

Account activity  Account activity

     PPC account to provide the best method of operation.

Best budget  Best budget

     Reasonable budget, to maximize the benefits of your investment.

track  track

     Record click conversions correctly or not.

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