Search Engine Marketing also known as SEM is a new Internet resource integration marketing model for all media platforms. SEM network integrated marketing is a new Internet resource integration marketing model that integrates network marketing for all media platforms. SEM is an effective solutions to small and medium-sized enterprise network marketing difficulty, which can yield poor results and come at high cost that only promotes a single platform bottleneck. SEM allows enterprises to use the new network marketing model with the lowest investment, the shortest possible time, the most platform, the most effective way to achieve real network marketing, and constantly improve corporate visibility and brand exposure, so that business users walk in the forefront of network marketing.

Operation flow

The process is simple divided into three stages: strategy, construction and management.

Pay per click advertising and strategy

We offer paid search advertising messages and link technicians in a variety of ways. Ads will be placed on all search platforms to create advertising links. Let potential customers browse these paid ads on the homepage while searching for related products.

Page optimization

Includes optimized content, text, and name. A good page can improve the rankings on search engines. Optimization of text and content is a complex process, but it is a very important part of SEO.

Main techniques:

User experience: Friendly and unique interface to engage users in accessing and browsing your website.

Keyword description: The title of your web page is the title the user sees on the search engine's results page. 43% of users are keywords for browsing search engine results pages.

Tittle: The title is your website's title, should be brief, clear, and relevant to the site's content.

Website speed: 47% of users expect your site to jump within 2 seconds, or half of users will not buy on your site, resulting in a loss of customers. Therefore, the speed of the website is very important.

Mobile: In recent years, search engines have refused to push unfriendly mobile sites, and if your mobile web pages do not look as good, your website will slowly disappear from search engines.

Outbound link: Help search engines find your page title, and push to the user.

Social media sharing: Your website should be able to share on WeChat, Weibo and other social media.

Potential Keywords: Tell search engines how to identify your site's related keywords.
High quality content that drives traffic: According to market research, nearly 75% of consumers survey via blog, news or video.

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