Regularly pushing relevant news, articles and videos can increase your brand awareness. Every piece of content you share is valuable to build customer trust and attract more new customers. Social media marketing can increase conversion rates and give you more opportunities to reach your potential customers.

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Social Media Management

We manage all your social media accounts for you. We will make your interactions with your customers easier, more frequent, and more effective. You'll see continuous optimization of your social media, growing buddies and more and more advertising.

Social Media Monitoring

We will provide customer service to communicate with online consumers. Get first-hand feedback from consumers, giving you an idea of what your customers really want. We will analyze customer comments and feedback on the media platform to help you get valuable information from a vast amount of information.

social media monitoring
media blueprint

Social Media Blueprint Strategy

How to effectively use social media to promote products is a question that every company is thinking about. Potential users are attracted to your social media based on product positioning and marketing positioning. In order to improve customer satisfaction and create a brand image providing customer service consulting and after-sales service is important. We will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your product, market positioning, to provide you with the most suitable social media development blueprint.

Social Media Advertising Management

We will run social media ads based on your product positioning and development plan. In order for your business not to miss out on holiday and media promotions we promote product advertising to show your products to potential customers through various social media networks.

media advertising
media audit

Social Media Audit

We evaluate your social media monthly and adjust the results as needed.

We manage a variety of social media:

  WeChat public page management

  Sina weibo management

  Sina blog management

  Youku management

  Instagram management

  Facebook management

 Twitter management

  LinkedIn management

  YouTube management

  Google+ management

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