Why you need inventory forwarding?

In international trade, it is inevitable to transit and return goods. If you do not have a local warehouse and administrator, the goods will return to the merchant location, not only consumes human and financial resources, but also waste a lot of time. Stock transfer can help you save a lot of shipping costs, but also help you get more time.

What can we do?

AJ marketing company can provide you with the collection and delivery, transshipment. Cargo returned from the Amazon, directly to our central warehouse where the company, if the wheel did not have any place, then returned to our warehouse, the lowest postage, the shortest time. After receiving the goods, we will arrange the handling of the goods according to your specific requirements.

In addition, we will be the fastest speed for your product label replacement. 2-3 days to be replaced, the product sent to any place you specify. Address the most suitable for small and medium-sized product transport, is located in the center of the United States, shipped to # anywhere in the United States postage the lowest, the fastest.

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