With the rapid development of Internet technology, people are using the Internet to advertise, all kinds of marketing tricks are emerging in recent years, some emerging advertising model gradually penetrate into our lives, such as we see on the Internet a variety of video ads, They appear in different ways in our field of vision, the common types are: video ads patch, watermarks, interactive content and graphic hyun movement.

Beginning with the first video ad in 1997, online video advertising has been growing rapidly, dominating the entire Internet traffic. According to a Cisco 2014 dataset, video accounts for 64% of all Internet traffic and traffic continues to grow. Forecast video advertising will double in the next few years. A minute of video can express hundreds of thousands of words of content, a huge amount of information, and a large audience, making people more and more inclined to video advertising, efficient product information dissemination, so many small and medium enterprises turnover doubled Something.

Video marketing is mainly due to the accuracy of the dissemination of precision, first of all make people interested in, pay attention to the video, and people are generally used to share their favorite things, so that from followers to spread sharers, and spread of the object It is bound to be someone who has the same special interest as him. They also spread the sharing. The process of this series is to screen the target population. As a result, the corporate brand information to video ads as a carrier, through the audience spontaneous sharing, spread more widely, the audience more accurate.

Why make video ads?

Super quality of communication

Secondly, the quality of video transmission is very high. A full-featured video clip is much more attractive than a single text or picture. When people watch the video, they will leave a deep impression on the video content in their minds when the purchase occurs , People will give priority to the subconsciously seen, the most impressive items. And video advertising is to deepen the impression of consumers a carrier.

Super Interactivity

In addition, online video advertising has a strong interactivity, which allows the audience to watch the ads at the same time can communicate directly with the sales staff to express their views, so that advertisers can directly understand the advertising effect of dissemination, to facilitate timely feedback . This can increase people's attention to advertising messages and enhance the influence of advertising brands.

What is a valid video ad?

A video with advertising effect should convey all the information through video, and let consumers firmly remember the brand and product conveyed by the video.

According to one study, 53% of the viewers contacted the company after watching the video, 51% visited the commercial website and 33% visited the store. 71% of the audience finally purchased.

Tips for making video ads:

* Use simple video format
* Use animated roles
* Montage effects, create dynamic
* Keep short
* Cut the script
* Bundled service

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