AJ International Digital Marketing may provide the limitless list of tips on how to make the strong video promotion. However, we can tell you the most important tips and how to achieve the maximum impact of a single video. The five most important tips of video promotion are strong content, video optimization, strong social media, pay per click, and active engagement.

1. Strong Content

When you create the video, you have to make sure that you write strong content or great storyteller that can get the viewers’ attention. You decide what you want to develop content, create content with a unique purpose, and use tactics how they impact viewers. Also, you decide which type of audience you want to reach and explore ideas and develop a strategy on how to get your targeted audience’s attention. The stronger content, the more viewers, and shares you will get.

2. Video Optimization

When you finish the video, you should upload it to Youtube account. To click “private” for video upload. It’s because it helps you to identify and analyze the quality of content and fix mistakes before release it.

3. Strong Social Media

If you release a video in many social media accounts, it is most likely you will reach more viewers, get more shares, and many comments. It means you should release the video to many social media accounts.

4. Pay Per Click 

If you want to get the larger audience or get more views on your video, you should pay a small amount of money (Depending on how much you want to reach) to advertise your video on the internet and social media. The more money you spend, the more views you will get. It is worth the investment if you want a large number of viewers and many shares on your video.

5. Active Engagement  

Once the video is released, it doesn’t mean you just sit, wait, and watch if you get the high number of viewers and shares. You have to expect comments or questions from viewers about the video. You should respond to their comments and questions. In fact, if you do this, you will get a much higher number of viewers, likes, and shares of your video, due to the connection with the audience. Not just that, they are more likely to return to your video or page again.

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