SEO Keywords Tips 

1. Know your specific audience 

You need to know your audience. You need to know which type of audience you target at. It is important to know your chosen audience, then you will be able to put the important keywords, in which the specific audience look. If without, it is difficult to understand which keywords you need to pick and too broad for the audience to search.

2. Target specific (longtail) phrases

You need to choose keywords for the specific audience. To optimize content for the specific audience, you need to find the specific keywords. Chosen specific keywords are better, lower competition and increased odds of higher page rank in Google.

3. Effective Keywords

There are a lot of websites that help you to find the popular and effective keywords. Great news, they are free and it is to your advantage to use them to improve your search rankings in Google. You can select a generic keyword in websites. You will see the list of similar keywords. After that, you decide what are the important and relevant keywords and use them to optimize for your page.

4. Identify areas of opportunity 

There is an excellent source for the identification areas of opportunity. It is Google Adwords Keyword Tool. You can use it for pay-per-click and organic search. When you find the various phrases in the search field. you need to analyze search volumes and identify which keywords may represent the best opportunities.

5. Use different keywords to say the same thing 

There are many different keywords that are the same thing. There is more than one way to get a singular point across. Two topics may appear to be the same. The search engines would recognize the different terms that will come to the same one. For example, “how much does it cost” and “what is the price”. They are different words, but the same thing.

6. Leverage traffic analytics 

There are the reporting tools that can help you with the keyword selection process. You can identify which types of keywords that visitors go to your page, and build the trends with future content. To target the specific keywords at the very beginning, you can put your content (branding) in the right position to increase your search ranking and a better competitor.

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