Google AdWords campaign plays a vital role to drive more traffic to your site. This campaign would cost more when it is not handled properly, so manage your campaign smartly to get the maximum on your investment.

Below are the mistakes that people usually make in Google AdWord campaign which need to be stopped to be on a successful campaign.

Choosing the Wrong Keyword:

The smart trick to choose the right keyword is to target the words or the phrases that your potential customers usually likely to type when searching for the product or the services you offer.

Let’s take an example, if your business is to sell used cars and you have created an add like “Buy Cars Online” then many of the users come across your ad, unfortunately, they are looking for new ones. Then obsessively you are going to pay for all those clicks for the people who are not at all interested in your product. So take advantage of Google AdWords keywords tool to suggest the right set of keywords along with cost-per-click for each one.

Neglecting the Usage of Negative Keywords:

The major mistake that everyone makes is to forget the usage of the negative keywords. AdWords allows you to use the negative keywords, so as to eliminate the keywords that don’t match up with your product.

So for example, if you own a “women textile store” and sells ethnic wear but not western. Then your ad should not show up when a user search for “women western wear”, it should be pop up when the user searches for women’s wear. The “western” is the negative keyword and your ads will not be visible when they search for the word “western”.

Ignoring Mobile Searches:

Nowadays many of the users are more likely to use mobile to shop or search rather than other devices. So you need to create specific ads to cater those searches as mobile phones have the smaller screens than desktop. So you need to make ad shorter that includes the click-to-call extension. Which pops up when your potential customer clicks on it.

Restricting your campaign to generic Ads:

The right PPC campaign includes a clear path in which a word is typed and the closest match up ad is displayed according to the given query. When you click on it, it directs to the landing page where the related products or services are displayed. In order to be more specific create ad groups for each product, so that it directs to the most related products the user looking for.

Forgetting to Use Analytics:

Whether you have picked the right keywords to your campaign, but monitoring the performance of your ad is also prominent, so link your account to Google Analytics to know the performance of your ad which helps you to make any further improvements.

Missing of Ad Extension:

AdWords ad extension makes your ad with complete information, i.e your store location, phone number, and ratings. Due to these extensions, you can improve website conversations.

Ignoring Scheduling:

You can hide your ad without noticing by the users during your off hours by scheduling the ad. You can also do this when you want to limit your ad exposure.

Not Maintaining Bid Adjustments:

When you are about to start an AdWord campaign first fix your budget so that your ad exposure will be adjusted according to your budget.

These are the some of the few mistakes which are most likely to be done by the AdWord users when they are new to PPC marketing. In order to avoid these mistakes hire professional digital marketing agency with the experts who lead your business to success. To know our services, contact us today to grow your business to the next level.


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