SEO always plays a vital role in any E-commerce business and it helps to rank better in the Google search engines to bring more sales.

Rank higher in the search engines to drive more potential customers to your E-commerce site. Approximately about 44% of the people search for their related products on the search engine. So, what happens if you don’t know the exact tips and tricks of SEO, then you probably miss out valuable leads. Here are the some of the top SEO tactics for E-commerce sites to rank on the top of the search engines.

Structured Data:

Google is the best example as it uses structured data to identify the products which are listed on the E-commerce website and thus share further information about these products in the form of results. These results would make the searchers click on the specific results.


Everyone is much familiar who would use web browsers daily, HTTPS is known as Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. HTTPS takes a further step by encrypting the information before sending on the internet. For every E-commerce site HTTPS needs to be included especially for the pages that include payment options and customer details. But unfortunately only few E-commerce sites use HTTPS and Google use HTTPS for ranking. For example, if 2 E-commerce site displays the same product then Google may rank a page that uses HTTPS rather than HTTP.

Add Quality Content to the Products:

No matter what you are going to sell, add a quality content to the product and it is the most effective SEO tactic to get noticed in the search results. The search engine algorithm mainly identifies unique, informative and engaging content.

In the Google perspective, good quality content makes the browsers satisfy. Whenever the user search for a specific product Google direct to the page with the related information or the products the user is seeking for. So add quality content to your E-commerce products with short description, a long description, and product specifications as well.

Write a unique description of each and every product by including the words the people usually use in their searches and make sure the content is user-friendly.

Clean URL’s:

Ensure your URL structure is simple and easy to read, as Google recommends short and simple URL’s. Just avoid URL format followed by “?” or any numbers and use keywords and lower case letter to construct the structure.

Search on the Internet:

User search on the search engines to find their related services or products to purchase something.

  • Use the useful information to let the user identify your product.
  • Use a clear call to action to complete your transaction hassle free.

SEO seems to be difficult, but by following this SEO tactic for your E-commerce business would really help to increase in ranking and in turn, drive more traffic to your site.


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